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Perfect Energy Plus

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Perfect Energy just got more perfect! Introducing Perfect Energy Plus featuring Creapure Creatine and actual ATP with Peak ATP! Peak ATP alone has shown increased strength (147%), increased power (30%), increased lean body mass (100%), and increased muscle thickness (96%).

LVL1 Perfect Energy Plus fuels muscular excitability and will take performance and recovery to the next level! This great-tasting drink mix provides a low-carb, zero-sugar combination of bioactive B vitamins, electrolytes, Albion TRAACS® chelated trace minerals, key amino acids, herbs, and powerful antioxidants without the use of synthetic sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

Perfect Energy Plus features a unique blend of natural exercise enhancers that are patented and clinically tested. These include PurenergyTM caffeine/pterostilbene co-crystal, Creapure ® creatine, and Peak ATP ® adenosine triphosphate. Let Perfect Energy Plus help you maximize your exercise time and your energy output!
Perfect Energy Plus has these benefits:
  • Enhances Exercise Performance

  • Helps Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Supports Muscle Power, Strength, and Growth with Peak ATP

  • SupportsRecovery

  • Supports ATP Biosynthesis and Muscular Excitability

  • Provides an Alternative to Ordinary Caffeine

  • Supports Electrolyte Replacement

  • Provides Antioxidant Support with S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione and Vitamin C


What is in the Plus of Perfect Energy Plus?  

Perfect Energy Plus features the same effective ingredients as its little brother Perfect Energy that combines Purenergy in a proprietary blend with various herbs and amino acids. The Plus added: 

Peak ATP®

Oral supplementation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) combined with resistance training has demonstrated ergogenic benefits. Peak ATP is a patented form of ATP disodium that has been shown in human studies to enhance muscular growth, power, and strength while improving recovery!

It also added:

Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine supplementation increases the amount of creatine in muscle tissue, heightens energy production, decreases muscle fatigue, and reduces lactic acid output. Significant improvements in body mass, fat-free body mass, oxygen uptake, sprint performance, weightlifting volumes, and overall exercise performance following creatine supplementation have been demonstrated.


It works by increasing ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) what is ATP? Simply put ATP is the body's way to use and store energy. The more ATP you have the more energy you have! 

Resistance-trained participants taking Peak ATP over 12 weeks experienced several benefits over placebo: increased strength (147%), increased power (30%), increased lean body mass (100%), and increased muscle thickness (96%). Additionally, body fat decreased in the supplemented group. Data also suggests that Peak ATP helped prevent performance declines seen in overreaching.


Dissolve the contents of one scoop in 6-12 oz of water according to preferred sweetness. On non-workout days, consume the effervescent drink in the AM on an empty stomach. On workout days, consume the effervescent drink once daily 30 minutes prior to workout, or use as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Dissolve the contents of one-two scoop in 6-12 oz of water drink before during and after competition