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Level 1 Apparel Partner Boxes

CrossFit Loomis

CrossFit LoomisThis gym encapsulates what it means to enjoy working out. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming to newcomers of all strengths and abilities. So far we have designed two differed apparel series for CrossFit Loomis and look forward to many more.

CrossFit Lykos

CrossFit Lykos is an elite strength and conditioning facility that fully embraces the CrossFit philosophy. They offer daily classes, seminars, sport specific training, personal training, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. They teach a 360 degree approach to health and fitness, encompassing diet, training, and lifestyle. CrossFit Lykos is not your “20 minute get ripped quick program,” and it’s best to check your ego at the door.

CrossFit Roseville

CrossFit RosevilleCrossfit Roseville is a gym focused on self improvement through hard work. They work hard so they can feel good and look good. The gym regularly puts on local events where athletes from the surrounding areas put their fitness to the test. We have been lucky enough to create competitor apparel for several of these events, as well as affiliate apparel.


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