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DOWNLOAD: 30-Day Burpee Challenge Scorecard

Jan 24 - Feb 22, 2015

Prepare yourself for the Reebok CrossFit Games 2015 Open with increased endurance, lung capacity, and threshold for misery.

Prize List:

Rx Division - $450 in Prizes to top Rx Competitor

Scaled Division - $225 in Prizes to top Scaled Competitor

Additional Prizes

  • Top Female - Free Shirt or Tank (if no female wins either division)
  • Top Male - Free Shirt or Tank (if no male wins either division)
  • Most Creative - Free Shirt or Tank (have fun with it)
  • Blabbermouth - Free Shirt or Tank (most posts during the contest)

Rules: (Download the Scorecard First)

  1. Choose either the RX or the Scaled Division
  2. Complete the prescribed # of burpees every day and record your time on your scorecard.
  3. Post your time with a photo or video of you doing your burpees on Instagram and include the tags below. The video doesn’t have to be the full burpee set, just a clip for a little proof. 
  4. For each day you post a photo or video with the tags, you will receive a 5-second deduction from your final time. (To Win, you must post your time with the tags below every test day) 

The winner is the participant with the fastest time on the day 30 final after deducting time for posts. See scorecard or scroll down for full rules.

Include these tags in your Instagram post to qualify: 

@WODRepairLotion @TheNaturalGrip @FitHappy 
@Xymogen @OhMyBar


xMasAbbott Day 1 - 40 Burpees in 1:05 - Oh my gosh, this is so miserable, hopefully I win the boatload of prizes! #LVL1OPENREADY @LVL1APPAREL @CavemanEvolution @WODRepairLotion @TheNaturalGrip @FitHappy @Xymogen @OhMyBar