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Body Image: Self Conscience Runner Turned Confident Crossfitter

I’ve been an athlete all of my life.

I started on the local swim team at age 4, transitioned to competitive soccer at age 9 and began running marathons in college. Being that these are endurance sports, you can image I was always very thin. As a woman in today’s society, I felt the pressure to be this way. However, at a lean 5’8” and 113 pounds, I was never confident in my body.

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(Part 2) What is your core? It's much more important than sexy abs.

CrossFit Athlete Core

What is your CORE?

(Did you miss part 1 click here to read) The core actually lies beneath the musculature that is typically trained in the traditional gym environment. These deeper muscles include the transverse abdominals, multifidus (small spinal muscles that stabilize individual spinal bones), diaphragm and pelvic floor. Why do traditional workouts and sports specific training not specifically target the core? It is not a prime mover but a stabilizer and the center of force transfer. Traditional training will focus on the core as a mover, thinking crunches and back extensions are the key. CrossFit knows deadlifts, overhead squats and pushups are much more effective. So the CrossFit athlete not only gains better overall strength but more efficient movement...

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Your Mom Needs to Hear This About CrossFit

Do you have a hard time expressing to your mom why you "abuse" your body by doing CrossFit, powerlifting, or olympic lifting? Is she constantly giving you reasons not to? "I heard your kidneys will fail..." or "You're going to get a hernia..."

Well, let me give you a little help. Copy the text below, forward it to your mom, and wait for her phone call. Let me know if you had a good response.
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Your Kids Don't Care How Much You Squat

So my 5 year old was watching me workout and took this picture of me doing a CrossFit WOD. I can go on about the details of how OHS (over head squat) is my least favorite thing to do... I know a lot of people say that. But really for me my hips range of motion is horrible. It's nearly impossible for me to do an OHS with weight on it so I'm using the trainer bar for the workout of OHS and bar over burpees ( as you see me now jumping over the bar) I am so embarrassed that I can only do 15lbs of weight for the workout!!
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