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Body Image: Self Conscience Runner Turned Confident Crossfitter

I’ve been an athlete all of my life.

I started on the local swim team at age 4, transitioned to competitive soccer at age 9 and began running marathons in college. Being that these are endurance sports, you can image I was always very thin. As a woman in today’s society, I felt the pressure to be this way. However, at a lean 5’8” and 113 pounds, I was never confident in my body.

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(Part 1) The CORE of CrossFit, Your Fitness and Your Health

The CORE is the center of all functional movement.

This “thicker” core of a CrossFit athlete is developed as a reflection of the balance, coordination and stability of the body to perform functional movement. Search Google for images of CrossFitt athlete and notice every athlete, man or woman, has an amazing sculpted abdomen or "CrossFit Body". Anyone who has watched the Reebok CrossFit Games has no doubt that these elite athletes deserve the title of “Fittest on Earth”.

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Your Mom Needs to Hear This About CrossFit

Do you have a hard time expressing to your mom why you "abuse" your body by doing CrossFit, powerlifting, or olympic lifting? Is she constantly giving you reasons not to? "I heard your kidneys will fail..." or "You're going to get a hernia..."

Well, let me give you a little help. Copy the text below, forward it to your mom, and wait for her phone call. Let me know if you had a good response.
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