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Your Kids Don't Care How Much You Squat

crossfit burpees and squats wod

So my 5 year old was watching me workout and took this picture of me doing a CrossFit WOD. I can go on about the details of how OHS (over head squat) is my least favorite thing to do... I know a lot of people say that. But really for me my hips range of motion is horrible. It's nearly impossible for me to do an OHS with weight on it so I'm using the trainer bar for the workout of OHS and bar over burpees ( as you see me now jumping over the bar) I am so embarrassed that I can only do 15lbs of weight for the workout!!

BUT then I see the picture for what it really is. A girl looking up to her mommy, taking pictures of her mommy and smiling the whole time. She doesn't care what I can lift. At least I don't think she is comparing me to the awesome ladies you see behind me. She just sees her mom in her normal weekly CrossFit regimen sweating like crazy.. And is happy.

Let's be happy and not focus on our faults, I guess is what I'm trying to say... Because the 5 year olds that look up to us really don't care how much we squat.


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