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12 WODs of Christmas

I'm bummed I didn't get to take part in this, but also, kind of not. It looks grueling. I did get to design a shirt for it though.


The 2014 12 WODs of Christmas at CrossFit Roseville is a team competition consisting of 2 males and 2 females. The Wods are 12 classic CrossFit benchmarks broken up into 3 Heats, with each heat containing 4 individually scored workouts:

Heat 1: Helen, Fran, Nancy, Jackie.

Two athletes begin by taking turns until they complete Helen. Immediatly after the first two athletes complete Helen, two athletes work to complete Fran; this repeats for Nancy & Jackie. All Wods are scored as 4 seperate workouts. Scaled divisions will include movements and weights that are doable for novice CrossFit athletes. For Instance, Pull-ups may be subbed out for Kettlebell Swings or Burpees.

Heat 2: DT, Grace, G.I. Jane, Diane

Heat 3: Karen, Nasty Girls, Isabel, Elizabeth


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