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The Upcoming Nike Metcon TR "CrossFit" Shoe Will Make You Superhuman; probably

You may have heard by now that Nike is releasing their new "Metcon TR" weightlifting, sprinting, jumping, rope-climbing, back-flipping, muscle-upping, don't call it CrossFit shoe in early 2015. If you haven't heard, well here it is:

Benefits of the new Nike Metcon TR include:

Never having to worry about destroying your shins while doing 30" box jumps because you will somehow clear the edge by 6" on every box jump. 

Pushing a sled in your Nike Metcon TR's loaded with 180# will show off your newly forming calves quite well.

Your pull ups will look more like bar muscle-ups.

I'm really excited to see what comes of this. Superhuman powers aside, the list of CrossFit Games Athletes now sponsored by Nike is already sporting some serious names:

  • Khan Porter
  • Brandon Swan
  • Kenny Leverich
  • Nate Schrader
  • Josh Bridges
  • Jeff Evans
  • Alexandra Lachance

When the Games roll around in 2015, is there a chance that it'll no longer be the "Reebok CrossFit Games" but rather the "Crossfit Games, brought to you by Reebok and Nike"

Drama aside, I love the laces. 

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